Neve: Modern Mountain Lifestyle

Neve is the embodiment of the Modern Mountain Lifestyle. It’s about enjoying the beauty and elegance of a cozy mountain town and relishing the sophistication and edge of a busy city street. The Modern Mountain Lifestyle is about living in the two cultures and blending the best of both to create a look that celebrates craftsmanship, sustainable materials and the bold, distinctive style that is Neve.

Neve Designs Boilerplate:
Neve Designs creates lifestyle and sportswear apparel for men and women who value quality, performance and superb craftsmanship. Combining European influences with classic American style, Neve’s inspired use of pattern and color has garnered the brand a cult following among fashion aficionados around the world. Committed to using high-quality, sustainable fibers, Neve’s ultra-fine merino wool, silk, down and cotton apparel and accessories are designed and built to serve the wearer in style and comfort for years.

Neve can be found at specialty ski shops and fashion boutiques throughout North America, Australia and Europe.

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