Our Strengths

Extensive multi-channel retail distribution, in-house design and sourcing, marketing programs, first-class customer service, efficient management

Extensive Customer Network

It’s important to be well connected—especially when you are growing a brand. Over the years, we have formed strong and strategic partnerships with influencers across North America. Our network of large, small, and independent retailers now includes more than 3,000 open doors.With these relationships, we will create a brand-specific, clear-cut sales strategy that ensures long-term results and favors strong brand equity.


Best Practices in Sales

Our culture is a sales culture, we take pride in the managing complexe multi-channel brands that require excellence in product line
segmentation and positioning of multiple product segments to achieve the optimal sales result.

In-House Design and Sourcing

MOMENTUM’s in-house design and sourcing teams have been the creative minds behind many successful licensing partnerships. Our ability to act as the designer/supplier as well as the supply-chain manager, allows us to seamlessly turn any brand’s vision into a successful collection.

MOMENTUM offers:

  • Talented designers
  • Product development specialists
  • Knowledge and understanding of industry trends and retailer needs
  • Strong relationships with factories of various specializations and production capacities
  • Quality control management
  • Competitive pricing


Efficient Management

We are not afraid to challenge conventional thinking or to reinvent the way we do business. We constantly benchmark our performance, track our progress, re-examine our approach, and refine our methods in order to compete more efficiently in the marketplace and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Marketing Programs

We believe that creative marketing programs play a crucial role in any brand’s success. Each of MOMENTUM’s divisions uses an array of marketing tools to increase brand visibility, build awareness, and stimulate sales.

Our marketing programs include:

  • Advertising: directed at trade and end-users
  • Sponsorships: athletes, events, camps
  • Promotion: retail and grassroots
  • Product Placement
  • PR initiatives
  • Trade Shows
  • Point-of-Purchase displays and literature

Reliable Customer Service

We—and our experienced customer service representatives—are committed to providing first-class, reliable customer service.

Our Customer Service commitment includes:

  • Flexible, timely, and accurate deliveries
  • Easy order entry system—to save time placing, managing, and tracking your orders
  • Bilingual customer service (English & French), via phone or e-mail
  • Call center with eight in-house customer service representatives, for helpful service at your convenience